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The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC), University of

Waterloo, (rings a bell? Yes, our Grade High School students performed very well in their

math and computer science contest this year, with one making it into the coveted

Honour Roll!!!) is world-famous for its excellence in mathematics and computer science

education. As a part of its educational outreach programme it posts ‘Problem of the


Maktab encourages all students to participate in such high-level international

competitions organized by well-reputed universities. In this spirit, Maktab runs

“Problem of the Week” competition. This year-long competition (using the University of

Waterloo’s Problem of the Week) is designed to provide students, passionate about

mathematics, with an ongoing opportunity to solve mathematical problems from various

areas of mathematics. A minimum of 70% correctly solved problems can win the student

the Math Whiz prize at the end of the year. Students can attempt older age group

problems also and be eligible for two prizes! This weekly extra-curricular exposure to

high-quality mathematics is optional but is just another of Maktab’s many unique