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Value of a Maktab Education

“We will consider students’ applications holistically. This means that we will not only consider students’ grades and standardized test scores (if we require them) but will also consider other important attributes, including how they might contribute to our campus and society in meaningful ways. We are interested in what students have learned and want to learn, what they care about and why, and what they have done to pursue their interests and passions.”

Turning the Tide: Admission Deans’ Commitments  

Harvard School of Education


The above commitment by nearly 140 Admissions Deans of top U.S. colleges and universities, clearly shows that the best universities are looking for not just about some number of A’s/A*s in an O/A level examination or a particular SAT score. While expecting scholastic excellence, theyse top universities have a holistic view of education and are searching for students who fulfil that criterion.

At Maktab we take our academics very seriously. At the same time sports, music, drama, debates, newsletter writing, social work, and leadership skills are interwoven in daily school life right from Junior School.  Many parents have raised concern with us that this range of activities is “too vast” and children may feel a bit overwhelmed.  However, we feel that this broad exposure at an early age helps children figure out their interests and passions.  We have tried to ameliorate the intensity of the experience, by having no competition with prizes till Grade III.  From Grade IV onwards, while we allow children to compete against each other, the goal is to have every child participate in all activities. In this spirit, we encourage and allow all interested children to participate in sports competitions and the annual play.  Our editors and news reporters of our newsletter are chosen on a rotating basis. Student-run clubs allow children to plan, organize, and execute their own ideas. Such a democratic and inclusive culture encourages universal participation. While we certainly encourage and celebrate excellence, the goal of Maktab’s extra-curricular programme is to be inclusive and focus on the meaningful engagement of all students.

Our hope is that once a child figures out what they like, they will pursue that passion seriously, and may ultimately make it their profession or a significant component of their life. We all want the best for our children. The best gift that we can give our children is that they have a happy and meaningful life, pursuing their interests and passions professionally.  And if they do so, they will never have to work a single day!