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In a city like Lahore, where there is an extreme dearth of libraries, the Maktab library truly defines the school as a sanctuary.  Our library, nestled between the pre-school and the main school, is the focal point of the school. The library boasts a 10, 000 book collection that has been properly catalogued according to international standards.  We are extremely proud of the fact that all students go to the library every day! This daily visit to the library is a central part of the school schedule.  

The library is divided into age-appropriate sections and has a searchable database. The library designed with stunning views of the playgrounds has a modern minimalist design. It has individual study carrels, pair-study and group study areas. Children are allowed to issue two books at a time for one week.  Whether the interest of the student is in Al-Haitham or Newton or Shakespeare or Manto or a modern graphic novel, the books in the library help the children immerse themselves in the world of their choice.  In an era where book-reading is a fast disappearing trait, Maktab is proud to preserve this great tradition through its library.