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Student Life

Maktab prides itself in the warm and homelike environment that it offers to all its students. The atmosphere is casual and welcoming.  Students can safely express their individuality without the fear of being judged.  There are children who take joy in gardening, others who love sports, and yet others who cannot be separated from their beloved library.  This diversity and tolerance are the hallmarks of Maktab’s student life.

The day starts with the school assembly. The assembly presentations by students, that range from simple magic shows to poetry recitations, are a source of great joy for the performers as well as the audience.  But the assembly is just the start. There is hardly a dull moment at Maktab! As you walk through Maktab you will see students in the science lab triumphantly discovering the law of conservation of mass, other children playing the tabla or singing the sublime poetry of Faiz, some children learning to dribble in hockey, and yet others engrossed in reading their favourite book in the library. On Fridays, the entire school gets together for the weekly drama/debates period. This hour is another great opportunity for children to get exposure to public speaking, learn classical and modern literature, and have pure fun!



Honour Code

All Maktab students pledge to live honourably with dignity. The Honour Code governs Maktab student life from academics to sports. It is essential that all students be trusted in their personal and academic lives. Only then, can they grow up to be adults who hold themselves up to the highest ethical standards.


Maktab students are divided into two houses: Rumi and Haytham. Rumi is named after the great thirteenth-century mystical poet Jalal ud Din Muhammad Rumi. His poetry transcends national and religious boundaries and is the spiritual mentor of Muhammad Iqbal, Pakistan’s national poet. His “Masnavi” is considered by many to be the greatest Persian poem of all time. Haytham is named after Hasan Ibn al-Haytham, the tenth-century polymath who made seminal contributions in mathematics, astronomy, and physics. He is considered the father of modern optics and was one of the first proponents of the scientific method. His book “Kitab al Manazir” deeply influenced later scientists like Kepler and greatly contributed to the European Renaissance.

Rumi reflects the great sufi tradition and celebrates the spiritual side of human beings, whereas Haytham represents the best of scientific and mathematical thinking and honours the intellectual abilities of human beings.

School Assembly

The school assembly happens all days of the week except Fridays. The Head of School usually leads the assembly.  In keeping with Maktab’s culture, the atmosphere is warm and casual. The highlight of the school assembly is a presentation organized by the children.  This presentation can range from a magic trick to an interesting news item to a five-minute skit. 

Inayat Ullah Chaudhary Challenge Cup

Every year, Rumi and Haytham compete to be the best house. This competition starts in September and ends in March and comprises four different dimensions.

       1.Character and moral integrity



       4.Extra-curricular activities

The winner of the cup is announced at the Annual Prize Distribution Day.

The school’s newsletter, Ayyam-e-Maktab, is published on a quarterly basis. It is entirely run by the student body. The Chief Editor and Assistant Editor are chosen from senior classes on a rotating basis. This is done in keeping with Maktab’s philosophy of emphasizing the participation of all as compared to the excellence of a few. Student reporters are chosen from junior grades. The newsletter has an independent editorial that voices the concerns of the students. All students are encouraged to participate in the newsletter by writing short stories, poems, or news articles. 


Clubs are student proposed and student-led.  The club activities are proposed by club members and exclusively managed by students.


One of the cornerstones of the Maktab educational experience is athletics. Daily sports are the highlight of a Maktab day! 

Performing Arts

Maktab has an extensive performing arts programme. It ranges from weekly in-class events to formal classical music performances.