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Clubs add another dimension to the social life at Maktab and reflect the evolving interests of the student body. At the beginning of the year, any student can propose a club. The students then vote to decide the most popular clubs.  The clubs are chosen based on popularity, utility, and diversity. While the club activities are mentored by faculty, these clubs operate autonomously. Student members choose their president, treasurer, and secretary.  Currently, Maktab has four clubs that have been proposed by students:

Gardening Club

The Gardening Club is one of the most active clubs in the school. The Gardening Club has its own vegetable garden. The children prepare the soil, plant seeds, water their patch, weed, and pick their own vegetables. These organic vegetables are a real hit.  Members of the club take some of the vegetables home and sell the rest to the school community.

Drama Club

The diversity and richness of Maktab’s Annual Play have sparked a real interest in the performing arts amongst Maktab students. The Drama Club writes, direct,s and performs plays during the school year. The club is expanding its repertoire to include documentaries and other audio-visual media.

Chess Club

Chess lovers are found here. Children come together to play, to learn, and to compete against each other. An important aspect of the chess club is the regular organization of teaching events.  During these sessions, younger children are introduced to the joys of chess. The club is planning on holding an intra-school competition this year. 

Technology Club

The Technology Club attracts technology aficionados and enthusiasts.  The club has Arduino boards, sensors, and actuators. Students first brainstorm, share, and discuss ideas that can range from the sketch of an isolated robot to the design of networked computing devices.  The implementation is collaboratively carried out in teams of two or three students.