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We are glad and honoured that you are considering applying to Maktab. Lahore is a large city with all types of schools. This choice can be a bit overwhelming. We hope that this website will help you understand the school philosophy, culture, and school life, so that you get a clear picture of what differentiates us from the rest of the schools in Lahore.

Our students are deeply individualistic and passionate people who value diversity,  but understand that they have a larger social responsibility as human beings.

While there is no typical Maktab student, all students in their own ways live up to the school motto of  saraw-paw-lazzat-e-baal aazmayee, and hence deeply enjoy their struggle against headwinds.  Hence at Maktab, we are looking for students with a wide range of backgrounds who are passionate, hardworking, tolerant, respectful of nature, and realize that privilege entails responsibility.

Maktab encourages participation for all students in the full spectrum of school activities. Hence during his or her stay at Maktab, an average student will relish the exquisite Urdu of Nazir Ahmad Dehlvi, experience the joys of growing radishes and turnips, get immersed in contemporary and classical English poetry, teach underprivileged children, run long distance, learn cricket with a hardball, perform in a Manto play, study Shakespeare, edit the school newsletter, play the tabla, sing poems by Habib Jalib, design robots, and write Python code.

Maktab welcomes applicants with diverse backgrounds and interests. We want every student at Maktab to enjoy the journey of his or her pursuit for excellence. We seek families and students who would find it beneficial to be a part of the Maktab family and contribute to its richness and diversity.

The Admission Process


Submit and Pay for the Application

Fill out the registration form.


Maktab Will Contact You

Maktab will contact you to set up a virtual/physical appointment.


Come Meet Us

This scheduled appointment is simply an opportunity for the families and the school to find out about each other.   There will be no assessment done during this initial appointment.  The informal discussion helps ensure a good match between the applicants and Maktab. Please feel free to ask questions and discuss your concerns during this meeting.


Appear for the Interview/Admission Test

Maktab will schedule another appointment in which we will evaluate the child in an age-appropriate manner. For details of the evaluation process, please contact the school office.


Final Discussion

After the evaluation, the school will schedule another appointment in which we will discuss whether the admission has been granted, placement, and other issues.