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As you walk around the Maktab campus you will inevitably see enthusiastic, involved, and excited children playing hockey, cricket, or soccer. Active involvement in sports is one of the cornerstones of the Maktab educational experience. Maktab prides itself on compulsory daily sports for all students. The success of the programme is so dramatic that ‘compulsory’ in the last sentence is superfluous; every student at Maktab loves the daily sports period. Sports at Maktab include hockey, cricket, track, soccer, swimming, and basketball. 

All Maktab students are expected to clear age-appropriate running standards. From Grade IV onwards, all children are encouraged to participate in sports competitions.  While Maktab is a co-educational school, Middle School onwards there are separate teams for boys and girls.   All the sports competitions contribute points to the Annual Best House Inayat Ullah Chaudhary Cup.