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The mission of Maktab is to foster children’s natural curiosity and to develop their innate moral sense. Maktab will be a sanctuary where children discover the pleasure of grappling with challenges so that they grow to be true leaders of tomorrow’s world.

Maktab aims to be a school

  • where students, staff, and faculty hold themselves up to the highest moral standards
  • where meaningfully helping others is considered an essential part of life
  • with dedicated teachers who design an integrated curriculum and engaging materials to spark the interest and curiosity of all students
  • which, while achieving the highest academic standards, gives unparalleled personal freedom to the students to learn through exploration and discovery at their own pace
  • with a small, supportive community that promotes independent thought and critical thinking
  • where students set high personal targets and work hard to achieve those goals
  • where arts, sports, extra-curricular, and outdoor activities form an integral part of student life
  • where children are encouraged to respect and enjoy nature and to live in harmony with it
  • that inspires the entire school community to appreciate and take pride in the unique multi-cultural heritage of Pakistan