Grade I Being Introduced to the Foundations of Science

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Science is an attitude that is born out of inherent human curiosity, the eternal pursuit of the elusive “why?”.  This pursuit begins with keen observation.  And what better way to observe nature than with the venerable magnifying glass? The ancient Greeks certainly knew about it. However, a concrete description based on a convex lens is found in Ibn-al-Haytham’s book “Kitab al Manazir” (A. D. 1021). This book was translated into Latin, and Roger Bacon amongst others introduced this amazing observation device to the West.

Our Preschool and Grade I use resources developed by the world-renowned American Chemical Society (ACS). Recently, Grade I children had fun while making simple magnifying glasses themselves using plastic wrap and water.  This simple exercise not only taught them science but developed their motor skills. This activity also supported English language learning because the children learnt a related poem that enhanced their vocabulary