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Who Works at Maktab

Miss. Haleema Sadia

Mrs. Irfan Chaudhary

Titles: Head of School, English Literature Teacher

Degrees: M.A. English Language and Literature, (Roll of Honour)

Department: Administration, English Language and Literature

Ms. Iffat Hassan

Titles: Administrator & Urdu Teacher

Degrees: M.A. Urdu

Department: Urdu Language & Literature

Mr. Shoaib Majeed

Titles: Mathematics Teacher

Degrees: M.S. Mathematics

Department: Mathematics

Ms. Minahil Mehdi

Titles: Science Teacher

Degrees: MS Health Biotechnology 

Department: Science

Ms. Faiza Sagheer

Titles: Urdu Language Teacher

Degrees: B.Com

Department: Urdu Language & Literature

Miss Fatima Nabeel

Ms. Fatima Nabeel

Titles: Islamiat Teacher

Degrees: M.A Urdu

Department: Urdu

Mr. Farhan Iqbal

Titles: Music Teacher

Department: Music

Mr. Muhammad Imran Tahir

Titles: Biology Teacher

Degrees: M.Phil. Botany

Departments: Biology

Ms. Sadia Fazal

Titles: Chemistry Teacher

Degrees: B.Sc. Electrical Engineering 

Department: Chemistry

Mr. Jawad Tariq

Titles: Physics Teacher

Degrees: : B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Department: Physics

Mr. Asif Iqbal, Faculty Maktab

Mr. Asif Iqbal

Titles: Urdu Teacher

Degrees: :M.Phill Urdu

Department: Urdu

Ms. Rahila Qaisar

Titles: Kinder Garten Teacher

Degrees: M.A. Gender Studies, MBA Marketing

Department: Preschool Faculty

Ms. Saliha Shahzad

Titles: Computer Science Teacher

Degrees: BS (Software Engineering) 

Department: Computer Science

Ms Fatima Illahi

Ms. Fatimah Ilahi

Titles: Mathematics Teacher

Degrees: BSc (hons) Economics 

Department: Mathematics

Mr. Ali Sadain

Titles: Science and Math Teacher

Degrees: BS (Physics) 

Department: Science

Mr. Hamid Hussain

Titles:  Social Studies Teacher

Degrees: BS (English) 

Department: Social Studies

Ms. Hafsa Fawad

Titles: Administratie

Degrees: B.com (IT)

Department: Administratie

Ms. Tayyaba Zakir

Titles: Preschool Teacher

Degrees: M.Ed.

Department: Preschool