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Who Works at Maktab

Miss. Haleema Sadia

Mrs. Irfan Chaudhary

Title: Head of School, English Literature Teacher

Degree: M.A. English Language and Literature (Roll of Honour)

Department: Administration, English Language and Literature

Dr. Seema Rashid Vice Principle Maktab

Dr. Seema Rashid

Title: Vice Principal

Degrees: MBBS, MBA, PGCert.

Department: Administration

Maria Naeem English Teacher Maktab

Ms. Maria Naeem

Title: English Teacher

Degree: Masters in English

Department: English

Ms. Minahil Mehdi

Title: Science Teacher

Degree: MS Health Biotechnology 

Department: Science

Ms. Faiza Sagheer

Title: Urdu Language Teacher

Degree: B.Com

Department: Urdu Language & Literature

Ayesha Noureen Teacher Maktab

Ms. Ayesha Noureen

Title: Science Teacher

Degree: M.Scs. Biochemistry

Department: Science, General Knowledge, Social Studies

Mr. Farhan Iqbal

Title: Music Teacher

Department: Music

Sabeen Omer Teacher Maktab

Ms. Sabeen Omer

Title: Playgroup Homeroom Teacher

Degree: MPA

Departments: Preschool

Anum Rasul Qadri Teacher Maktab

Anum Rasul Qadri

Title: Science Teacher

Degree: Bs (Hons) Political Science

Department: Junior School

Maham Usman Maktab Teacher

Ms. Maham Usman

Title: Art Teacher

Degree: :MA Teaching Education (cont.)

Department: Art

Sana Nazir Maktab Teacher

Ms. Sana Nazir

Title: Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher

Degree: M.Sc. Psychology

Department: Junior School

Mashal Tariq Maktab Teacher

Ms. Mashal Tariq

Title: Math Teacher

Degrees: Bachelor of Economics, Diploma of Associate Engineer (IT)

Department: Math

Darakhshan Fatima Teacher Maktab

Ms. Darakhshan Fatima

Title: Computer Science Teacher

Degree: MSc

Department: Computer Science

Rida Arshad Teacher Maktab

Ms. Rida Arshad

Title: Preschool Teacher

Degree: Bs(hons) Environmental sciences 

Department: Early Years

Ms. Aqsa Shahzad

Title: Preschool Teacher

Degrees: B.A. Hons, B.Ed. (cont.)

Department: Early Years

Mr. Hamid Hussain

Title:  Social Studies Teacher

Degree: BS English (hons)

Department: Social Studies

Fatima Nabeel Teacher Maktab

Ms. Fatima Nabeel

Title: Islamiat Teacher

Degrees: Bachelors in Library and Information Sciences, MA Urdu (cont.)

Department: Islamiat

Tayyba Zakir Teacher Maktab

Ms. Tayyeba Zakir

Title: Preschool Teacher

Degree: M.Ed.

Department: Preschool

Ateeq Ahmad Teacher Maktab

Mr. Ateeq Ahmad

Title: Math Teacher

Degree: MBA

Department: Math

Majid Ali

Mr. Majid Ali

Title: Library In charge

Degree: Master in Information Management

Department: Library

Ms. Farah Bilal

Title: Urdu Teacher

Degree: Msc Psychology

Department: Urdu