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Affording Maktab

In keeping with our vision and goals, we would like to make sure that Maktab education is affordable and accessible to all families. We do our very best to make it possible for admitted students to attend Maktab. However, we also believe that education has to feature very highly in the list of a family’s priorities. Need-based financial assistance is available to qualified families. In general, we offer a combination of grants and loans and in some exceptional cases provide on-campus work to fulfil the needs of individual families. Please contact the School Office for further information.

One Fee Formula

In order to ensure transparency, Maktab charges no hidden fees for computer labs, sports, drama, clubs etc. We have a policy of one standard tuition fee.  

2021-22 Fee Structure

2020-2021 Tuition & Fees
Preschool Rs.  16, 350
Junior School Rs.  20, 000
Middle School  Rs.  22, 400
High School (O Level)  Rs.  28, 350
Registration Fee (Non-refundable) Rs.   3, 000
Admission Fee (Non-refundable) Rs.  25, 000
Security Fee (Refundable)  Rs.  20, 000