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From January 29th to 31st 2021, Maktab students participated in Aitchison College Lahore’s engaging programme ACSEC, encompassing various fields of STEM in Astrophysics to Engineering to Biomedicine. Boys and girls from different nations such as Australia (Melbourne Grammar School) and India, (Daly College) also took part in this three-day competition.

Maktab’s two teams comprised of:

Ahmed Bin Asim Grade VIII, Rimsha Mamoon, Grade IX, Mubeen Irfan Chaudhary, Grade IX, Haris Ahmed, Grade X, Obaid ur Rehman Hamaza Grade X, Fasih ur Rehman Grade XI, Muneeb Irfan Chaudhary, Grade XI, and Muhammad Abdullah Shafqat, Grade XI. Our students won first place in Colonel Ashraf Awan Environment prize, part 1 in the very first round! Daly College, India got second place. Many such achievements during the three days kept our students in high spirits.  Maktab students impressed everyone with their resilience, persistence and team work.