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3.5-acre, eco-friendly, purpose-built campus that encourages biodiversity and emphasizes traditional local tree species. Various birds from herons to the flameback woodpecker frequently grace the campus with their presence. Jamun (black plums), ber (Indian jujube), oranges, kinnow, falsa, mango, lemon, mehndi and various berry trees have been planted in the fruit orchard to let children experience the beauty of nature. Multiple spaces have been designed to allow for individual introspection, cooperation or competitive sports.

Cricket & Hockey Fields

Maktab is one of the few private schools that encourages children to play cricket with a hard ball and has an active field hockey culture. Cricket and hockey fields are one of the most loved places in the entire school.


Maktab has arguably the largest, properly catalogued book collection of any school in Pakistan.  Designed by BNU architect, Haseeb Amjad, it comprehensively reflects the modern spirit of Maktab.

Swimming Pools

Maktab prides itself in two swimming pools: one is for K-2, and the other is for older children.  The 25-yard teaching pool is a favourite during the long Pakistani summer.

Music & Art Center

Our music room houses traditional instruments such as tablas, harmoniums and modern keyboards. The art center reflects current student art and includes a variety of mediums

Running Track

A 400-meter running track is an integral part of the Maktab sports experience. The track is covered with local traditional teee species such as peepal, neem and tali (North Indian rosewood). 


The 150-seat designed with a minimalist aesthetic come alive every week with debates, poetry recitation, drama or music.

Jungle Gyms

Carefully hand-crafted from locally grown bamboos and timber, the preschool and junior school jungle gyms, not only provide a welcome break from academics but also bring nature into a child’s playing experience.