At Maktab, we believe that the intellectual and emotional lives of young children develop best in a setting in which teachers, the class environment, and the curriculum support play and exploration and the construction of relationships and ideas. For us, children are individuals first, each with a unique profile of abilities. Schedules and routines flow here with the child’s needs. Each child’s learning and development is recorded in a ‘Learning Journey’ file to which parents and children are welcome to contribute.

Our aim

In our Preschool Program, we aim to teach the children how to learn to play and play to learn. We believe that these precious years should be filled with opportunities to take initiative, make friends, experience a sense of belonging, expand language, increase logical thinking, and develop social awareness.


Areas we work on


In our Preschool (Playgroup, Nursery, and Kindergarten), children learn through free play to share ideas, to listen to each other, and to experience being a member of a group.

Throughout the year, teachers organize long-term projects based on the interests of the group. Particular attention is paid to activities that support mathematical and spatial thinking, literacy, knowledge about the physical world, and the development of empathy.

Children explore a wide variety of materials, learn to use books for pleasure and as sources of information, and get many opportunities to learn about things of interest. Each class has its own little book corner with hundreds of age appropriate books as well as a section dedicated to Preschool in the main school library.

The Preschoolers have specialized computer science, music, and PE classes three times a week, and visit the library regularly for storytelling.


Physical activity_mg_2717

The outdoors is viewed as an extension of the classroom and affords daily opportunities for a great variety of physical challenges and social play as well as exploration of the natural world. Our Preschool enjoys a beautifully designed playground with an inviting tree house that offers a lovely view of the lush green school fields, slides, swings, see-saws, sand box, stationary jeep, etc.


Class size and age requirements

The maximum number in each class is 18 children, with a head teacher and an assistant teacher. Our age requirement for Preschool is as follows:

Playgroup: 3 years

Nursery: 4 years

Prep: 5 years

Preschool timings

School starts at 7:45 am and hometime is 12:00 pm on regular days and 11:00 am on Fridays (subject to change in winter). All classes meet five days a week.


Lunch policy

The lunch break is at 10:00 am. The school has a strict policy of 'No junk and only healthy lunch'. We understand the convenience of store bought crisps, cookies and juices, etc. but strongly encourage parents to home-cook their children’s lunch. We believe good habits are easier to form from this age.