Our Name & Motto

Many people are puzzled by our name and motto: and . And they have good reason to be. Generally, prestigious schools, where the medium of instruction is English, prefer English names and have mottos in Latin or English, whereas schools meant to impart religious education use Urdu, Arabic or Persian names and mottos. It represents a colonial mentality that has no place in the twenty first century. lib4
We certainly have a global and modern outlook; yet we are also a school rooted firmly within Pakistan. The name Maktab was chosen because one of its meanings is “a school”. Maktab is a tight-knit, small, and intensely creative community. Maktab is a truly unique educational experience, yet our hope is that such Maktabs should exist all across Pakistan.

The school motto is a line taken from Muhammad Iqbal’s ruba'i in “Payam-e-Mashriq”, which means “the pleasure of struggling against headwinds”. The motto reflects the school’s outlook on academic life and life in general.