Application Process

Maktab welcomes applicants with diverse backgrounds and interests. We want every student at Maktab to enjoy the journey of his or her pursuit for excellence. We seek families and students who would find it beneficial to be a part of the Maktab family and contribute to its richness and diversity.13920409_936063239854074_6669148630392285477_o

The admissions process is straightforward. Please visit the school and pick up the admissions form. Once we receive your formal application, we will arrange for a brief evaluation of your child in mathematics, English and Urdu. On the same day, the parents and applicants also meet with school representatives. This is an opportunity for the families and the school to find out about each other. The informal discussion helps ensure a good match between the applicants and Maktab. We are there to help you make the best decision for your child. Please feel free to ask questions and discuss your concerns during the admissions process.