_mg_2369Public speaking and dramatics are a regular feature of Maktab life. We encourage all children to participate in dramas, debates and poetry events that happen on a weekly basis. This not only allows children to gain self-confidence, but also allows children to appreciate and celebrate the rich literary heritage of Pakistan.

We also have a monthly school newsletter. The management and the content of the newsletter is developed by a team which is chosen on a rotating basis. Students are required to participate in running the school cafeteria and managing the school garden.

Integrated into our curriculum is a choice of various clubs. Students spend about an hour _mg_2872a day at Maktab on an activity of their choice. Such activities are undertaken under teacher supervision but are studentdirected. Depending on student interest and faculty availability, new clubs can be created. Some of the possibilities are

  • Robotics
  • Arts and crafts
  • Music
  • Astronomy
  • Creative writing
  • Experimental science
  • Theatre
  • Lego model building
  • Computer Science

We welcome student interest in multiple clubs and try our best to accommodate the interest of all.