About Us

Maktab draws its inspiration from many roots – Muhammad Iqbal, Alexander von Humboldt, John Holt, John Dewey, and Noam Chomsky. Iqbal’s verse , which means “the pleasure of struggling against head winds”, captures the essence of our school philosophy. The core principles at the heart of Maktab are:

  • Learning objectives should be developed collaboratively among educators and students.

  • Children should be encouraged to question, explore, and discover.

  • Honesty, hard work, respect for others, responsibility, and self-reflection should form the pillars of our school life.

  • Children should be encouraged and supported to develop a robust belief in their unlimited potential by setting challenging goals and working hard to achieve those objectives.

  • Arts, crafts, and music should be a natural part of the child’s life.

  • Children build character, learn teamwork and develop a healthy life-style by participation in real-life situations, sports and other out-of-class activities.

  • Children should be encouraged to understand and participate in the social, economic and intellectual transformation of Pakistan.

With these core principles, Maktab fosters a highly motivated, dynamic, diverse, and passionate community of learners and educators.